House rules

• Follow the instructions of the staff at all times.

• On diff. There are cameras in places in our company, everyone who visits our company agrees to make recordings. In the event of calamities, these recordings can be shown to third parties as supporting evidence.

• The management is not liable for theft and destruction of your property.

• Enter the HOTEL /Museum at the BAKKER at your own risk.

• Guests who have caused problems in the past may be denied access.

• Access control and identification are possible at all times.

• No weapons or drugs.

• No sexual harassment.

• No aggression or discrimination.

• No annoying behaviour.

• Dress appropriately.

• Glassware must remain inside or on the patio.

• No nuisance for the neighbours.

• Parents/guardians/grandparents are responsible for their (grand)children themselves.

• No smoking indoors.

• Damage caused to the hotel/museum will be recovered from the perpetrators.

• We are not liable for damage or theft of your belongings by third parties

• It is prohibited to take our property outside the building,
Without express permission from management. In the event of damage to our property, you can be held liable for repair and/or renewal costs.

• Access to garden always in consultation.

• Children can only access the garden under supervision.

• Arrival time from 15:00 to 17:00 .
• Departure time 10:00 am.

• 1 car per room in the parking lot, more in consultation, at departure time also remove the car from the parking lot.

• After 22:00 rest in the hotel because of other guests.

• Our employees are entitled to remove guests who behave in a disruptive manner and/or do not comply with the above house rules from the hotel and may be denied further access to the hotel.

• If you have complaints of any kind, you can report them to the management. Complaints must always be reported immediately after the moment they arise, failing which your right to complain will lapse.

• Inspection of the house rules available from the owner.